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Get Traffic to Paid to Promote absolutely free!!


If you earn via Paid to Promote ( PTP ), one of your trouble will be how to get traffic access to your PTP links. If you are new to PTP, welcome to read Paid to Promote : The Essential Guide!

The major PTP links are ValePTR and Donkeymails. Both are the site with long history and super Legit!

Free Traffic to PTP

Here are some hints to get free and high quality (Tier1) traffic to your PTP links. It involved a few site to support the traffic running. You only need to surf 10 page a day and you yeild back ??? Tier 1 access to your PTP links.

The traffic access mainly come from EM-Traffic which can provide T1 with high valid ratio. Any traffic click to Em-Traffic’s promotion link can gain 0.5 credit. For every 2 credits can exchange for a T1 traffic to your PTP.

  1. Click 10 pages in EasyHits4U.
    You can get 10 exposure of Xtreme Surf.
    Each click to Xtreme Surf will give you 15 credit. That is 15 access to  EM-Traffic  and gives you 7.5 credits.
    For 10 click from EasyHits4U to XtremeSurf can gain you 15 x 10 =  150 click to EM-Traffic, that is 150 x 0.5 = 75 credits and 37 clicks to your PTP links.
    Yes, Xtreme Surf is known as SCAM, it does not pay but it can send traffic to your EM-Traffic.
  2. Login to Claim Fans and claim the daily bonus, 50 coins.
    50 coins can exchanges for 50 access to EM-Traffic. That is around 12 traffic access to your PTP.
    That only cost you to fill in account and pass, click login and click for bonus page then click claim bonus. Just 3 clicks and get 12 T1 access!

In sum, it only cost you 13 clicks and you get back 49 T1 traffic back to you. That is a nice deal. This methods works out in any Traffic Exchange Site support EM-Traffic. 

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